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Gaby's David Dellucci site!

On this page I'll describe David Dellucci's life and career: his very wonderful accomplishments and the not-so-very wonderful downfalls he has survived!  Get an insight to what this Baton Rouge Louisiana native is mainly all about!

So where should I start? I've been a hardcore David Dellucci fan since the first time I saw him playing with the Orioles in 1997. David Michael Dellucci was born in Baton Rouge Louisiana on a Halloween day in 1973.
He graduated in 1992 from Catholic High School and was outstanding in both baseball and football as a prepster. In fact, he was MVP in both these sports. After high school he attended the University of Mississippi where he played baseball for three years. Dellucci is also known for setting 10 school records and for leading the SEC in hitting. One of the biggest honors he was awarded include being named Athlete-of-the-Year at Ole Miss in 1995.
He made his very first major league start on August 19 as part of the Baltimore Orioles in the American League against the Chicago Cubs where he went 2 for 4 with a walk and a run scored. He was transferred to form part of the Arizona Diamondbacks in the Expansion Draft in November 18, 1997 and hit his first NL home run on May 1st in 1998.  Furthermore, he was traded from the D'backs to the New York Yankees on July 29, 2003 along with Bret Prinz for New York's Mondesi.  But David's latest move was made on December 29, 2003 as Dellucci signed a one-year contract with the Texas Rangers.
Unfortunately, Dellucci has suffered many injuries along his career. Including a career-threatening left wrist disorder, a dislocated finger on his right hand, and a tendinitis in his right wrist. Yeah, this dude has really put his fans through some tough times and has given us many worries! But thank God he's doing great being in the line up from time to time and pinch-hitting; now for the New York Yankees.  He plays all three outfield positions quite well and is superb at the plate.  His diving catches are well-known and of coruse, greatly appreciated!  Furthermore, he always manages to hit effectively as he gets on base regularly. With his versatility and amazing skills on the field, David is integral to the continued success.
Moreover, David is a big WWE fan and enjoys the company of Kevin Nash and had the chance of meeting Diamond Dallas Page and the famous Goldberg. When it comes to music, David's favorite group is without a doubt Megadeth. One time David threw a foul ball to the group's guitarist, David Mustaine, and accidentally soaked him with a soft drink. "That night I'm watching MTV at about two in the morning and they're talking about it," remembers Dellucci. He added, "I never actually saw what happened but MTV was saying I doused him with beer. So I was real worried."
Moving on, David resides in his home, Baton Rouge Louisiana, where he enjoys going down to Grand Isle, False River, and old River to fish. He admits, "I hate that I miss the Tarpon Rodeo every year. That kills me." While this young baseball player is homesick, we (his fans) are overly excited and happy to see him out on the field doing his best for the team.
Some of David's 2001 outstanding highlights include his 10 home runs in 217; 3 more than his major league total through 602 career AB's entering 2001.  Half of his roundtrippers were as a pinch hitter, as he was a huge contributor in Arizona's tying of the major league single-season team pinch home run record with 14. David finished the year hitting .321 in a pinch (18-for-56) with pinch hit club records in hits, homers and 16 RBI.  Additionally, his first pinch homer was on May 9 against Cincinnati when he delivered a 3-run pinch blast in the eighth inning to snap a 2-2 tie and stake the D'Backs to a 5-2 victory. On June 23 in Colorado, David drilled a 2-run shot off of Pedro Astacio in the seventh inning to tie the contest at 5-5 and the Diamondbacks eventually won a 9-5 decision. One of the  most exciting plays David has been involved with include the sixth game of the World Series as he entered as a pinch runner in the fourth inning for Luis Gonzalez and finishing the evening 1-for-2. David pinch ran again 24 hours later in Game 7 and wound up in a collision at second base with Derek Jeter (HA HA!) when Mariano Rivera's throw went astray on Damian Miller's sacrifice bunt attempt.  That's right! David was indeed a GREAT part of the awesome 2001 WORLD SERIES win for the D'backs against the New York Yankees!
In conclusion, David is such an inspiration to me due to the fact that his determination doesn't consist of an ending. As previously mentioned, he has suffered many injuries, but none of them have made him pessimistic about anything. May he proceed to bring upon wonderful memories as he breaks and makes records throughout his amazing major league career--now with the Texas Rangers.


Click here to read a full article from a newspaper on David. This is the story from which I got the quotes stated in the biography above.

I would like to thank all the informational and exquisite web sites (especially www.azdiamondbacks.com and www.altavista.com) for providing some of the great info mentioned above and the awesome pictures of David throughout this web site.